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I am an author of paranormal, romance, contemporary, M/M, Menage and romantic suspense.  At present, I am enjoying writing my Milson Valley paranormal series with Siren Publishing, and have just finished a romantic suspense and a paranormal romance.  Please click on the Book List button to view the Milson Valley series, alternatively, visit and

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 Shadow From The Past
He's The
The moment masseuse Fale Taucher saw Macario Aston he knew he’d found his mate. Unfortunately, Fale hadn’t a clue how to let the man know!
When Fale finally had the chance to tell Mac, convincing him to let Fale claim and bond them may take more time than his human had left.

Shachar Seymour came to Milson Valley with one objective and nothing would sway him.
Not a pride full of felines, an Avenger or a dozen powerful creatures.
Except one. A cheeky, social, determined vampire named Archie Taunton who loved Lincoln Sanchez as much as him and who wanted Sha gone.
After a day in court, Bruno Surkov was hungry. He wanted something big and tasty to sink his fangs into.
He smelt BBQ and followed the smell until another, even more tantalizing scent, caught his attention. A cute, fiery wizard.
Bruno scooped the powerful little wizard up and took Jay Carson home. 
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About me
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I love writing and can be found most days in front of my computer. I live in a wonderful part of the world where sandy beaches are close, the sun shines and people love to get out and about.   
I spent years living in London, UK, working and travelling which provided so much inspiration through history, culture and life in general.  I love to travel and have lots of plans to do so again in the future. In the mean time I bring my worlds to life.  
The world of the paranormal mixed with love and action, how the men react and live, defend and care captures my attention and has me wanting to fill pages with their adventures.