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I am an author of paranormal, romance, contemporary, M/M, Menage and romantic suspense.  At present, I am enjoying writing my Milson Valley paranormal series with Siren Publishing, and have just finished a romantic suspense and a paranormal romance.  Please click on the Book List button to view the Milson Valley series, alternatively, visit and

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The Wizard's
A Vampire's Christmas
Falling For
Drax Charmers tries everything to get his mate back, short of kidnapping.  Unfortunately, wizards are renowned for holding grudges and Mason isn’t letting his go.
For the sake the coven, Mason must learn to accept his wolf once more, before the entire city erupts in outright animosity, destroying the Alliance between pack, pride and coven.

Tyler Durand is the fun vampire prince. He’s lively, loves to pull pranks, and has become a strong force within the coven.
He has also set his sights on a gorgeous, snappish human.
Though all his charm and wooing has gotten him nowhere, Tyler is known for his persistence. The human is his, and no one will stand in his way—not a sharpshooter taking shots at Tyler, and certainly not his human, Constantin Hutton.
After a reasonably bad first meeting where his mate literally shudders in dislike, Tripp Croggen finds himself liking the slightly bad tempered human fate chose as his.
While Eddie Nelson might have a few issues regarding paranormals, he agrees to give Tripp time to show that creatures are not all that different from humans when it comes to the fundamentals in life.
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About me
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I love writing and can be found most days in front of my computer. I live in a wonderful part of the world where sandy beaches are close, the sun shines and people love to get out and about.   
I spent years living in London, UK, working and travelling which provided so much inspiration through history, culture and life in general.  I love to travel and have lots of plans to do so again in the future. In the mean time I bring my worlds to life.  
The world of the paranormal mixed with love and action, how the men react and live, defend and care captures my attention and has me wanting to fill pages with their adventures.